The best candidate for a job is likely to be someone who already works for you. Unlike external applicants, employees' competencies and performance can be accurately assessed from within your company.

In certain cases you may owe an employee a job (a person returning from a leave of absence, for example) or you may wish to give certain employees preferential treatment (a person facing a layoff due to downsizing, or someone who needs to accompany a trailing spouse). dgStaff allows you to mark these people as special, and give them the opportunity to enter special bid types.

Of course, dgStaff also allows you to process external applicants. These may come through your normal recruiting process, or may have applied using your dgStaff-powered web site.

The selection criteria you provide will be applied to both types of applicants as appropriate. These criteria may include required and desired competencies, competence verification tests, geographic and job preferences, administrative screenings and more. The result is a candidate pool that contains the best of your internal and external candidates ranked by criteria that you establish.

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